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Section Five – Commission Staff | By-Laws and Standing Procedure



  • The Executive Director is appointed by and will report to the Governor to serve as facilitator to the Commissioners so they may carry out their duties.
  • The Executive Director will keep the Commissioners informed regarding the implementation of decisions made by the Commissioners, legislative activities, community-based activities and status affecting the African American community.
  • The Executive Director shall be present at all Commission meetings unless excused by the Chair.
  • The Executive Director will present matters requiring policy decisions before the full Commission for their review and approval.
  • The Executive Director will establish and maintain a relationship with state agencies and public and private industries.
  • The Executive Director will report at least monthly to the Chair of the Commission on activities and actions taken on behalf of the Commission.
  • Each year, at a regularly scheduled meeting, the Executive Director will present a draft of the Commission’s legislative agenda for review and approval.
  • The Executive Director will inform the Commissioners of any public disclosure requests of Commission records.  The Commission may ask for advice from an assistant attorney general that represents the Commission on how to determine which portion of the records can be made available to the public.  (WAC 322.12.090)
  • As a spokesperson for the Commission, the Executive Director must maintain timely communication with the Chair on all news releases and significant newsworthy items statewide.
  • The Executive Director will manage the day-to-day operations of the Commission office, budget, and personnel, including staff assignments and annual performance evaluations.
  • The Executive Director has the hiring and firing authority over the Commission staff.
  • The Executive Director will manage the budget.  At each regularly scheduled public meeting, the Executive Director will provide a status report on the budget expenditures and goals.