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Section One – Commission Officers | By-Laws and Standing Procedure

The officers of the Commission are the Chair and Vice-chair.  The Chair is appointed by the Governor and serves in that position at the Governor's pleasure, contingent on board membership term limits stated in RCW 43.113.020.

The election for selecting the Vice-chair shall be done once the Governor has appointed a new Chair.  The Vice-chair shall be elected by a majority vote of the Commission members.

    • The Chair provides leadership to the Commission, ensuring that all meetings are conducted in an orderly manner.
    • The Chair serves as the spokesperson, and has the authority to make public statements on behalf of the commission.  The Chair has the responsibility to ensure that any public statements accurately reflect the Commission’s position.
    • The Chair appoints an Executive Committee for not more than a two-year term.  The composition of the Executive Committee is the Vice-chair and two Commissioners.  The appointment will occur within one month of the appointment of the new Commission Chair.
    • The Chair assigns Commissioners to special projects and/or committees.
    • The Chair advises the Executive Director on issues or other matters that may require the Director’s attention.
    • The Chair reviews the Commission’s biennial budget proposal with the Executive Director prior to presenting it to the full Commission and public for recommendations.  Review and approval of the final budget will be made prior to the Director’s submittal to the Office of Financial Management (OFM) in the even-numbered years.
    • The Chair, along with the Executive Committee, will have an opportunity to review and provide input on the annual performance appraisal drafted by the Executive Director prior to its submittal to the Governor’s Office.
    • The Vice-chair presides in the absence of the Chair.
    • The Vice-chair coordinates and recruits new Commissioners.  By April of every year, the Vice-chair informs those Commissioners in their third year of serving that a letter of interest must be submitted if they would like to be re-appointed by the Governor’s Office.  The letter must be turned in no later than May of that year.