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Our Position on Education

Education Remains A Challenge

The most important challenge facing the Black community today is the education of our children.  Too many of our children drop out or are pushed out of school before earning a high school diploma.  Black youth who stay in school have average test scores below those for White and Asian students.  Black students who go on to two-year and four-year colleges and universities are less likely to graduate than those in other ethnic groups.

This is a frightening reality as global competition continues to raise the level of career training and/or education needed to compete in business or get a living-wage job.  Closing the "opportunity and achievement gap" afflicting Black students is essential, if we want future generations to succeed at work, in business, and in life. 

It's time for policy makers and the Black community to do anything and everything necessary to bring all students -- including the 30% to 40% of struggling Black students -- up to international standards of achievement.