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Commissioner Sara Franklin-Phillips

Sara Franklin-Phillips
South King County
Second Term; Reappointed December 2015
Term Expires: 
November, 2018

Sara Franklin, the youngest of three children, was born in Germany while her father was serving in the Army and moved to Tacoma, WA with her family when her father retired from military life in 1969. The mother of two sons, Sara has been a resident of Renton, WA for the past 12 years where she is active in her community and has one child attending public school. Prior to moving to Renton she lived in Seattle.

In 1988 she began her career as a Transit Operator which at that time was known as Metro, but has subsequently been renamed King County/Metro. After 25 years of service she still enjoys working with the public and delivering quality service.

Sara is also an active and involved member in her transit union advocating on the behalf of her fellow union members and the important role that public transit plays in our state. She believes that a reliable and safe public transit system is instrumental in the ability to keep communities connected, contribute to the region’s economic growth and allows transit-dependent populations to remain active and mobile.

Sara is honored to be appointed by the Governor to serve on the Commission and the opportunity to address and tackle issues that directly affect the African American community through legislative policies and priorities.